champs2014Hi-Jinx is a female vocal quartet based in Perth, Western Australia.  In 2012 they became Australian Champion Quartet and today they remain undefeated!  They have represented Australia at the Sweet Adelines International Quartet Competition in Denver, Colorado in 2012, in Hawaii in 2013, Baltimore in 2014, and Las Vegas in 2015. Sounds serious?  It is!  But we have a lot of fun along the way…

By day, these 4 mild-mannered women blend cunningly into the general population, but by night….

Hi-Jinx have changed my life completely. What a group!  From the first chord I was mesmerised and transfixed!  What more can I say?

– JO

We are also a teaching quartet, with 3 experienced choral directors, 3 members on the Australian Education Faculty for Sweet Adelines Australia, and our own Choreographer in the group! What a crowd!  Seriously tho, we love to share the joy of singing and are available to run workshops or present lectures on aspects of the vocal ensemble.

These gals are just the beez neez (mmm…. beeeeeer). It’s just a shame they can’t get quotes from impartial experts for their website!  Hire them, I say!

– An Unbiased Tenor

So don’t be shy, drop us a line and enjoy the sounds of Hi-Jinx!

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