Sweet Adelines International 2015

Four weeks out from contest in Las Vegas and we are still processing all we experienced! We were thrilled to be there with Bathurst Panarama Chorus and Endeavour Harmony Chorus and it was wonderful to feel the support not just from the audience but across the globe via the webcast. So much pride was felt when Endeavour smashed it out of the park; huge congratulations to them for getting into the coveted Top Ten. We are honoured to have been there in person for that occasion!

For us, we were thrilled to go up by a massive 35 points, particularly in light of the huge number of amazing quartets this year, all vying for the top positions. We are feeling very positive and will keep on climbing!

We lifted our score from a B in Baltimore to a B+ in Vegas – 35 points in a year! ¬†We couldn’t be happier with results like that!

Las Vegas was certainly an eye opener and we enjoyed keeping fit by walking kilometers each day through the casino. Great for breath stamina! (Just avoid the smoke!) To test your adrenalin before the big event, we would highly recommend the SlotZilla Zipline…after that rush, the International Stage seems like a walk in the park.

We would like to send out our appreciation to our families for supporting us from afar this year… It was hard to be without them at International and we appreciated their love and understanding. Thank you also to A Cappella West, as ever, and all of our supporters across the world who contributed to our Pozible campaign that actually GOT us to Las Vegas. We couldn’t have done it without your help and for that we are truly grateful. Your rewards will be actioned very soon, promise!

See you in Wollongong!

Las Vegas 2015
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